Label Designs

Step 1: Choose Your Vessel   Step 2: Choose Your Scent   Step 3: Choose Your Label

Yes You Can

Whatever you are

Peace and Love

Today is a Perfect Day


Me? Crazy?

Unicorns Are Real

No Probllama

Chocolate is a Salad

I Need Coffee

Death Before Decaf

Dark as My Soul

Not My Circus

Ride or Die


Vintage Skull with Flowers

Vintage Heart with Flowers

You Are Here

Better with Friends


She Believed She could

Yoga Class



High Five

Guardian Angel

Drink Coffee and Handle it

Kindy Classy, Kinda Hood

Do Epic Shit

You Forgot Your Bullshit

99 Problems

Trust Me

Tired as a Mother

Let That Shit Go

Do What You Love

Vitamin Sea

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat

Take me to the Beach

Legal imprint